The most visited websites in Russia


PositionDomainCategory faviconyandex.ruInternet and Telecom / Search Engine favicongoogle.ruInternet and Telecom / Search Engine faviconvk.comInternet and Telecom / Social Network faviconmail.ruInternet and Telecom / Email faviconyoutube.comArts and Entertainment / TV and Video faviconok.ruInternet and Telecom / Social Network favicongoogle.comInternet and Telecom / Search Engine faviconavito.ruShopping / Classifieds faviconwikipedia.orgReference / Dictionaries and Encyclopedias and Media / Newspapers faviconfacebook.comInternet and Telecom / Social Network faviconaliexpress.comShopping / General Merchandise faviconinstagram.comInternet and Telecom / Social Network faviconrambler.ruNews and Media / Newspapers faviconnews.mail.ruNews and Media favicongismeteo.ruNews and Media / Weather / Consumer Electronics faviconsberbank.ruFinance / Banking faviconznanija.comCareer and Education / Education faviconmts.ruInternet and Telecom / Telecommunications favicondrom.ruAutos and Vehicles / Car Buying faviconlenta.ruNews and Media faviconpikabu.ruArts and Entertainment / Humor faviconnews.rambler.ruNews and Media faviconrbc.ruNews and Media faviconmegaresheba.ruCareer and Education / Education faviconlivejournal.comInternet and Telecom faviconria.ruNews and Media favicontwitter.comInternet and Telecom / Social Network faviconmp3party.netArts and Entertainment / Music and Audio faviconkinopoisk.ruArts and Entertainment / Movies faviconbeeline.ruInternet and Telecom / Telecommunications favicongosuslugi.ruLaw and Government / Government favicondnevnik.ruCareer and Education / Education faviconuserapi.comInternet and Telecom / Social Network favicongdz.ruCareer and Education / Education and Entertainment / Music and Audio faviconpochta.ruBusiness and Industry / Transportation and Logistics favicondrive2.ruAutos and Vehicles / Automotive News faviconrutube.ruArts and Entertainment / TV and Video faviconrp5.ruNews and Media / Weather faviconfb.ruBusiness and Industry faviconficbook.netPeople and Society faviconlady.mail.ruPeople and Society / Womens Interests faviconvesti.ruNews and Media favicondns-shop.ruShopping / Consumer Electronics faviconkp.ruNews and Media / Newspapers faviconsamsung.comComputer and Electronics / Consumer Electronics