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By popularity Registernow.in ranked 341 414th in the World, 26 002th place in India, 24th place in category "Science and Education / Biology"

Has moderate negative dynamics in attracting traffic. In the period from march'24 to may'24 the attendance of this site decreased from 209 700 to 157 900 (-28.18%).

For May '2024 there were 126 745 visits. The average visitor per session views 3.65 page(s) and spends 2 minute(s) 39 second(s) on the site. At the same time the bounce rate is 45.83%.

The most popular site uses in India, attracting from this country 99.57% of overall traffic.

Structure of traffic sources: the highest traffic "Referrals" (38.88%), the second most important "Direct" (37.00%), followed by "Search" (20.23%), then "Social" (3.89%), then "Mail" (0.00%) and in the last place "Display Ads" with a share 0.00%.

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